100 Blog post Ideas for Real Estate agents

Creating a blog that people want to read can be very challenging. Creating a blog that is interesting and of shareable quality is even harder. Creating new sorts of content on a daily basis can be tiresome and very difficult. We have to create original ideas for interesting content, and this can be an obstacle especially when you are in a niche market.

Like most marketers, content creation becomes a struggle on a daily basis. Even with the organised allocation of time directed towards the purpose of writing and posting, content creation can take up a great deal of your day if you are searching for topics to write about then publish. A way that you could minimise your time searching for good content is by looking at your market demographic information, and then designing information to suit to it. Always keep to relevant. If your blog is relevant it will touch your audience on a personal level. People want to connect with your writing, however they will only do so, if you give them a reason to. Talk about what is important to them; where is the nightlife in their area, what to watch tonight, what is important to them, how you can help, and how they can be entertained and informed. However, remember that people can tell when you are not being real with them, so always be genuine with your writing. Below is a list we compiled,, detailing just some of the ideas you can use to write your blogs.

Blog post Ideas for Real Estate agents.

1. Imagine the future of real estate and discuss how current trending issues and problems might evolve.
2. Create a slideshow presentation of the most expensive and lucrative homes sold in the last 30 days.
3. Make a list of the most beautiful properties on the market today.
4. List 20 best apps for people preparing to sell their home, searching for a place to live, or a rental. Curation is the key here.
5. Explain why anybody should care about real estate sales being handled by professionals, and why they should act upon hiring a professional.
6. Make a list of famous people who have bought or sold property in your market.
7. Shoot video interviews of every city representative in your area about why their district and city is fantastic.
8. List 30 or more online resources for people relocating to your area. This very help for driving traffic to your site.
9. Make a list of the top myths about real estate and debunk them.
10. List the most expensive homes on the market in your area. Include the best images you can find. *Remember to use only high-resolution images.
11. Compare your market to the national market and highlight advantages of the current market. Listing the pros and cons of listing your property in the market climate.
12. Do a roundup of the best blog posts about your city, town, or neighbourhood.
13. Make a list of the best websites for your market. This doesn’t have to be about buying or selling real estate. It could be about travel, dining, or working in your area.
14. List the most popular restaurants in your town and how to get a coveted reservation. Giving publicity to others could gain you friends, partners, and fans.
15. Write the ultimate list of private and public schools in your area. (Important for new families)
16. Create a list with Google map links and photos of the best parks in your area.
17. List the cheapest condos on the market today and include beautiful photos.
18. Create a mission statement and code of ethics for your business. (always important to inform others of your beliefs and ethics)
19. Write a review of the best places for brunch and include the list on foursquare or Google+.
20. Make a list of the Twitter, emails or phone numbers of the top politicos in your town.

21. List the most spectacular pools on the market and include awesome photos.
22. Do a roundup of your favourite speakers at a conference, take photos of them, and share what you learned.
23. Disagree with a high-level personality in your business and prove her or him wrong. (This provides you with an opportunity to provide insight that establishes you as an authority.)
24. Interview attendees at a conference and make a round-up of their most important takeaways.
25. Write about the best waterfront properties in your area under a specific price point. e.g. under 500K.
26. Transform the industry by writing about how you imagine the ideal buying or selling experience.
27. Write about why you love living and working in your town. (This gives the reads a look into your life. Readers like to connect on a personal level; this allows them to do so.)
28. Do an exposé on your most interesting clients, why they moved to the area, and how they value the area.
29. Make a list of your favourite local charities, why you like them, and who you donate to.
30. Analyse the current climate in your market and explain the ramifications. (A good explanation can go a long way to establishing you as an authority.)
31. Identify popular bloggers in your area and ask them to guest post for you. Or, ask to post on their blog.
32. Write about the competition. Make a list of the top five you would recommend if someone couldn’t work with you.
33. Highlight the fastest growing businesses in your area and how someone might get a job there.
34. Make a comparison of old vs. new ways of doing business in real estate.
35. Highlight the most powerful women in your town or city. You can get more specific: think like a journalist.
36. Thank your 10 favourite customers and illustrate what you learned from them.
37. Highlight a fantastic well-known company in your town and use it as an example of customer service or business best practices vs. mistakes.
38. List the homes with amazing views in your market. Great photos are a must on these posts.
39. Create short videos of you talking about the neighbourhoods in your area.
40. Make a list of your favourite local authors and new books on the market.

41. Write about your personal views on a hotly debated topic in your area, but avoid anything that would conflict with fair housing regulations.
42. Write about the best customer service experiences you’ve had in your town and what you love about those businesses.
43. List 10 fixer-uppers in your market right now, including images and links to listings.
44. Make a list of the software & apps you can’t live without. (Best to keep it relevant to your market though.)
45. Make an eBook for buyers in your market and give it away for free. (This attracts: leads, potential clients, and other leaders in your field.)
46. Make an eBook for sellers in your market and give it away for free. (This attracts: leads, potential clients, and other leaders in your field.)
47. Make an eBook on the tax advantages of 1031 exchanges.
48. Make a list of the best dry-cleaners in town.
49. Write a post about the most innovative agents and brokers around the country and discuss why they made your list.
50. Make a list of the best swimming holes in your area. Include images and directions.
51. Join a business trade group and discuss why you got involved.
52. Make an ultimate list of summer camps in your area.
53. List the 12 largest houses on the market in your area. Be sure to include images.
54. Write about the 10 best burgers in your town. Make sure you actually try them, take photos, write reviews, post on yelp, foursquare and Google+.
55. Write about modern homes in your town. Include pictures, maps, and links.
56. Create a post about how technology has changed the process of buying and selling real estate, and explain your value in the process.
57. Make a list of the best happy hours in your city. Make sure this is a list you would happily give to any friend or out of town guest.
58. List the top 10 antique shops in your area. Include maps and directions.
59. List the top dentists in your town. Include links to them online: their website, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, or Google+ presence. Include maps and directions.
60. Write about the best (or most affordable) yoga studios, cross fit gyms, or health clubs in your city.

61. Write 10 tips for getting the most out of selling your home.
62. Write about 10 historic homes on the market right now. Include maps and directions.
63. Make a list of the oldest homes in your town, including pictures.
64. Interview your customers about their experience working with you. Video is the best format here.
65. Have your most popular videos transcribed and turn them into blog posts.
66. List your favourite day hikes within a 30 minute drive from the city.
67. Make a list of the best ice cream shops in your town. Make sure you actually know what you’re talking about here. People take ice cream very seriously.
68. Make a list of the 20 most relevant blogs for your audience.
69. Create staff testimonials. Make sure they cover why they choose to work with you and how they bring value to their clients. Video is the best format here.
70. Create a neighbourhood walking tour, using your video camera to record your favourite places or most scenic spots.
71. Make a list of top residential painters or interior designers.
72. Outline the process of getting the best deal on a mortgage.
73. Make the ultimate list of day care options in your area. Include maps and directions.
74. Listen to what your customers are consistently asking about and write about how you’d answer them.
75. Review your Google Analytics to find out which posts have received the most traffic, then write an update post on the topic.
76. Write a post that showcases some of the secret sauce that you use to get the best value for your customers.
77. Write a post about the homes of the rich and famous in your city. Include maps and directions.
78. Do an exposé on a kitchen renovation, the cost, the materials, and the time it takes. Interview some high end contractors to gain access to beautiful kitchens in progress.
79. Make a comparison of moving companies in your local market. Include costs, coverage, and reputation.
80. Write an article about the most sought after interior decorators in your market.

81. Outline the closing process from the buyer’s perspective.
82. Outline the closing process from the seller’s perspective. Be sure to highlight pitfalls and how you might address them.
83. Showcase your favourite playlist on spotify, iTunes, or any other popular music streaming service you use.
84. Make a list of the top Golf Courses in your area. Include tee times, membership costs, and drop-in fees. Beautiful images always help.
85. Make a list of the best Airbnb listings in your area. Remember that you have local expertise that the average person doesn’t have, so share what you know.
86. Do a post about the must-see museums in your area. Make sure you mean it. Include maps and directions.
87. List the best title attorneys in your market.
88. Hire a professional to do a video tour of your most valuable listing and document the process behind the scenes to demonstrate how well you understand online marketing.
89. Trade with the best photographer you can find to take a ton of photos of a beautiful listing, including neighbourhood shots, lifestyle shots, and favourite restaurants. Make an exhaustive blog post highlighting every photo. Upload the best photos to Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.
90. Ask your seller to write 10 favourite things about their neighbourhood.
91. Interview the Mayor about the top 10 reasons to live in their city.
92. Make a list of the last few places on earth to hear live music in town.
93. List the most expensive houses ever sold in your area.
94. Ask your seller to write about the most special moments they’ve had in their home; ask them to include whatever photos they are willing to share publicly.
95. Ask the sellers to write a welcome letter to the new homeowners titled “Why you might want to live here by people who have,” including what’s special about their house, neighbourhood, and town and what they would like the new owners to know when they move in.
96. If you’re a coffee lover, make a list of the best coffee shops/espresso bars in town. I would avoid including Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts because people already know about those brands.
97. Write about the best place for a bikini wax. I only know this is important because of the women I’ve heard discussing all the attributes of a good wax job.
98. Make a list of the best sporting goods or fish & tackle shops in town. Include maps and directions.
99. Create an insider’s guide for any important festival or scheduled major event in your city. Include maps and directions.
100. Brainstorm a list of the top 50 questions that your customers ask on a regular basis and write a post addressing each and every one.

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