7 Days of Content Creation

Content creation ideas and inspiration for everyday of the week:

Only seven days truly matter when you’re thinking of posting content for Facebook or really any social network. Those days each have a role to play in how viewers interact with Facebook; whether they comment, “Like”, or share the content that is released.

Getting people to “Like”, share, and comment is all to do with engaging with what mood they are in and what context they are placed in.

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Let’s start out with day 1


Today’s topic is humour. According to data released by Facebook, people seem more positive in the morning; especially between the times of 6am-7am. So imagine after a weekend of relaxation, you are on the train to work. You have just had 2 days off work, and now you’re not that happy that you are going back to the office. So where were we…back on the train.

As the sound of train tracks interrupts music, you are on your phone and browsing through Facebook. The most engaging content you are searching for is something that makes you smile. After all, you need something to get you prepared for the week ahead.

And so you come across, a humorous photo; a small comic that makes you chuckle; so you “like” the photo.

In relation to the business, this is the day where the only interaction you want with your fans is just to remind them you are there, just by making them smile. It is important to encourage positive feelings when cultivating your business/ brand. Therefore, in regard to content creation, people want to be involved with something, which they know will make them smile.

Quote & Humor


We recommend you to post during the times of 6-7am as that is when people’s attitude is proven to be the most positive; however the times between and during 7.30-9.30pm are just as interactive. And that is what Tuesday is all about…interaction. I’m sure many of you know the following techniques but let yourself be refreshed. Some methods of social engagement include the following:

Solve a problem for them – what is relevant to you? What topic can be explained and solved for them.

  1. Ask questions of your audience.
  2. Use the “fill in the blank” technique.
  3. Use some quotes. Use these to inspire, make users think, and make your followers feel good about themselves.
  4. And lastly, one technique marketers are often afraid to use. – Simply ask for comments and user engagement.

An example of a Tuesday post would be:

What do you think? What are your concerns? Comment below.

“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” – J.R.R Tolkien

Or a quote more relevant to your business.

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” – David Packard

This example encourages the viewer to “Like”, “Share”, and even comment if they agree with the statement. It is also an example of a “Big idea”, which we will talk about in the Sunday post.

Target-market (2) (3)


On Wednesday, we see something different. It is the middle of the week, and here we are at work and are more serious, and focused on the week. This is why “Current News” should occupy this post. Your method of content creation should both be current, but also interesting; however not so irrelevant that the viewer forgets who posted it. Do not make the content just a link; you must ensure that the viewer reads about the post on your page, so they know that you are post GREAT content. This way they will know that this time next week they will be receiving informative and interesting news.


Thursday it’s time to give back to your fans. Make sure you name or tag them. This way you make sure that they know that they are being recognized for their efforts in interacting with your page. Even this small acknowledgement can earn further loyalty. In addition, your comment will feature on their own Facebook page – this small gesture can earn you publicity on their own timeline, and give you further potential to gain additional fans.

A text example would be:

“A big Thursday shout out to Becca for her words of wisdom!”

*Note: it is often wise to accompany this with a graphic to increase engagement.

Content marketing


On Friday it is time to give a small insight into the life of the business. Even if it is a picture of a messy desk, or a vista of a fantastic cityscape, people like to connect with you; this makes your social media more personal, and helps strengthen your relationship with all your fans.

Pictures say a thousand words so make your picture choice a good one! And remember the one thing that people engage with most on Facebook is PICTURES! So snap away!


Saturday has come around, and it’s time for a bit of education. Make sure you tell people about your product and brand, what it can do, and how and why they need it. Promote yourself on Saturday, but if you feel you’re being to self centred, you should post things like Infographics that will provide some edification on topics with which the brand is concerned.

For example, if you are a Real Estate business/ brand you can post things on relevant topics like; “How to change a light switch” or things like, “Ten steps to paint a door like a PRO!”

Here you fans will feel they have been educated by your brand, and know that your brand has content that is worth while reading; but topics which are not so far-fetched that they are irrelevant for your product or service.


Finally, we have arrived at Sunday and we want to be relaxed and inspired for the week to come. So today’s theme for your fans is “Big Ideas”. Here you can use short posts and pictures that comment on the future of your brand and the arena in which it deals.

Quotes are often a nice touch for a Sunday and if they are accompanied by a graphic even better!

Articles like “Ten things you wish you had!” are often posted on Sunday as they inspire us to work hard and achieve our goals. Businesses post this sort of thing so that people realise that the brand is associated with the idea of inspiration, and things of desire. Through this association businesses make sure their product and service are on a wish list!

In conclusion, instead of a Partridge in a Pear Tree my true love gave me some great advice. Content creation on social media can often be confusing; however with this type of schedule, content sharing is made much easier, and shoots your brand interaction through the roof!

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