How to Get your first 1000 raving fans on Facebook

Facebook is considered a starting point and being one of the biggest platforms, if not the biggest, so it is very important to establish your base on Facebook. However, you need to get fans and followers so your message can be spread.

Follow these steps and you should be well on your way.

Step one: Fill out your page

It sounds weird but COMPLETE your Facebook page. Finish up and polish everything. Write as much about yourself or your business page as possible. Do not leave anything out. You want to give your fans as much information about you as possible. The following subjects are what you need to look for.

NOTE: As soon as you set up your page remember to post a few posts of related content so that new visitors to your page will note what you and your brand are all about.

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This is what you must complete to successfully set up your Facebook page.

About section

  • URL *Make it catchy and on message.
  • Profile picture & cover photo *Make them pictures that people will remember and identify with
  • Start info
  • Address (for brick-and-mortar businesses)
  • Long description and mission
  • Phone number and/or email address
  • Create several updates so there is content on the page


Step two: Invite your friends to the page

It’s always good to get help for those who you already know support you; so why not ask them to be the first of your fan base. From your Facebook page you have the option to ‘Invite your Friends’ and then you can browse through all of your friends and invite each in turn. However, bare in mind that not all of your friends might not want a ‘like’ blast from your page. You have to think about which of your friends will be most influenced and affected by the like campaign. Even if it is only a handful of friends who think you’re worthy at least you will have a following, and through them you can reach an even wider audience.

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If possible, it’d be great to get to 25 fans via this method. Once you hit the 25-fan threshold, you can then claim a vanity URL for your page (e.g., facebook.com/yourbrandname), which will look more appealing when you share the URL in later steps.

Step three: Share a link to your profile via other networks and via email

Tweet your Facebook page URL to your followers, or share your Facebook page. Remember you now have your twitter page so, use that. Use your followers on any other social network, and TELL them about your news and your new Facebook page.

Step four: Add Facebook buttons to your website

Facebook offers a huge helping of buttons and widgets that you can add to your site. Here’s the complete list of their social plugins:

  • Like button for web, iOS, and Android
  • Share button
  • Send button
  • Embedded posts
  • Follow button
  • Feed dialog
  • Comments
  • Activity feed
  • Recommendations feed
  • Like box
  • Facepile

If you’re looking to get more fans on your Facebook page, the Like button and Like box are two of your best bets. (The “Follow” button, while it sounds enticing, is more for individuals with profiles who want to offer people the chance to follow rather than friend.)

For the Like button, enter your Facebook page URL, and edit the Like button to show people’s faces, specific wording, and more.

If you’d prefer the Like box, you can set your Facebook page URL and edit options for showing a feed of your posts, the height and width of the box, and a handful of other options. The box will take up a bit more space on your site, but you get the added value of your Facebook profile picture appearing the box, too.


Step five: Spend a little on Facebook advertising

Facebook lacks many of the organic options of getting your name out there. With a news feed algorithm and the sheer mass of users, paying a bit for extended reach and boost can help.

A couple of tips:

  • Advertise to those interested in your niche. When in doubt, go more targeted. Fewer than 100,000 people is generally best.
  • Retarget the ads to people who have visited your website or blog.
Step six: Try a Facebook call-to-action on your blog. 

A HelloBar at the top of the page and a slideup box that appears as you scroll is a very useful call-to-action. As we all know CTA’s are very important Either of these could be repurposed for Facebook calls-to-action as well (or any other social network, for that matter).


  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Invite your friends
  • Share a link to your profile
  • Add Facebook buttons
  • Spend a little on Facebook ads
  • Calls-to-action on the blog


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