Ringside: Digital marketing vs Classic Marketing

Are you ready to rumble!!

Ding Ding! – Enter the marketing arena and step into the ring where traditional marketing and new media marketing are going head to head. As they put up their gloves we stop and notice the differences between them.  Each contender is of a different age, and so each has different qualities to use against or along side each other. And so the fight for the target market begins.


The classic method – A beautiful but old method of marketing, has been used for many years and has been very effective as it has landed us where we are today. The structured, uniform, and clear cut approach of classic marketing can be compared to the new approach given by digital marketing.

Ad campaigns, blog articles, status updates, twitter messages, comments, and community posts, are what makes digital marketing unique. Small businesses who do not have the money and man power to carry out classic forms of marketing, can now reach a whole new audience, and have their voice listened to. This method is what some might call dissect, unclear, and spread with no focus. But such is the nature of the internet. It is through this new medium that we are able to see the potential of getting our voice heard. For the small business it is a way of circumventing the big dollar prices of advertising and clear cut rules of traditional media.

traditional marketing


With the introduction and utilisation of digital media, we can see that the social sphere has allowed for networking on the web to take over from the “one to many” type of direct communication so often exhibited by classic marketing.

Now, with a huge uppercut, digital marketing has shaken things up so communication across digital media has transformed to “many too many”. Through the multidirectional approach both company and consumers both talk and listen to each other. While some might argue that the screen separates them, other may say that this approach has made business more personal; and has allowed for marketers to easily find their target market. Classic marketing only allowed the consumer to be passive and so their voice was not as listened to, and they could not express themselves. Small businesses need to use this tool, and form a loyal base of customers that will help them get started.

Social media Communication

The clock is running

Another difference between classic marketing and digital marketing is time it takes to implement the strategy of a campaign. Now days, as well as running campaigns alongside traditional marketing campaigns, digital media allows the small business and other users of social networks to design, construct, and action the implementation of a new project.

The spontaneous nature of these sorts of campaigns is often a reaction to a comment from a user who has engaged with the website. Further playing on the new nature of “many to many” communication some campaigns are often a response to a request. This illustrates the nature of digital media campaigning. CHEAP but VERY EFFECTIVE!

Social media, time management, marketing

Communication with the consumer

Classic marketing is very focused, and while this can be greatly beneficial to a target audience, due to its direct point of discussion, using mediums like; phone calling, email, and letters, digital marketing is becoming one of the more often used mediums when trying to increase the brand and fan/ customer loyalty. Digital marketing has also changed the way brand and businesses communicate with their target market. Where classic marketing uses a company to consumer method, digital marketing pushes an immediate public reaction to their content and messages. This method of marketing is immediate and often conjures engagement with their brand. Furthermore, rather than conducting extensive research into the areas of a business’s company demographic, digital marketing allows the consumers to come to you. You will be able to see who engages with your brand (due to the fact that any anyone will be able to interact with your brand) online and therefore form an accurate and specific target market who you know are interested in this sort of message.


As they face off we notice one big difference in these two styles of marketing. And is the availability in which each can be accessed. Classic marketing is only available between the hours of 9 and 5, where as the digital method of marketing is accessible 24/7. With scheduled posts being easily made and developed the company’s messages can be produced and broadcast at anytime, and at a moment’s notice. This engagement allows for higher interactivity between the consumer and the company; and in contrast to the more structured and inflexible nature of classic marketing techniques. Digital marketing is so much more effective in this way as the content and services of the brand/ business is available to be accessed 24/7. Which would you rather, something which can be accessed at your leisure, or something which can only be accessed between the hours of 9-5, between the times of day when you yourself are usually working?

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The next category we need to look at is the reach of each contenders punch. This means how each style of marketing lends itself to a particular type of audience. In traditional marketing, the marketers would research and examine particular demographics to then gain knowledge as to who will be most responsive to their content. Further to this, they would design content which tenders to the target groups design and appeal (to what attracts them). On the other hand digital marketing packs a huge punch, as this type of marketing reaches all, anyone, and anywhere. The advantage of this is that it is much easier to gain access to people’s engagement, and accurately measure their likes and dislikes; therefore making it easier to shape content to the users/ viewer likes. By taking in and reviewing this internet data marketers are then able to optimize their sites and postings in order to connect with their audience further, and on a more engaging level. By sculpting their different layers of data, small businesses are now able to reach their specific targeted audiences more effectively and at less expense. Small businesses now have no need to carry out surveys and costly on the street campaigns; rather now, through utilizing the features of social media, they are able to find those people who would most be interested in the services they have to offer. While classic marketing is still used to great effect, through the placement of ads and physical advertising, digital media is now a more effective way to find and reach a target audience; and as a consequence is now used almost always used as a starting point when finding a base for a campaign.

End of the round

While this article leans heavily on the side of social media, traditional media and marketing practices are still mainly being used as the primary source of marketing for businesses. Digital marketing is overall, in its infancy, however with the development of online targeting software and practices; the implementation of its practice is growing, as small businesses realize the benefits of the cost profit ratio. Therefore, in this standoff of marketing dominance, digital media cannot truly be measured against tradition marketing, however the overall realization that it is quickly growing only illustrates the success of strategising and using social media to engage with and find the right market for you.

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