11 real estate apps every agent must have

The app store is filled with hundreds of great real estate apps, however, these are some of the ones that we feel are the most essential to your operation as an agent. The choice ranges from the very broad but necessary, to the niche and specific. Let’s begin:

The Essentials

Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck makes it a snap to create beautiful presentations that will wow your audience – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story or igniting a movement. Featured on the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and“What’s Hot” lists! A real estate agent will need this fantastic app to feature new properties and present and showcase them to potential clients. This app allows you sell your services and present your own portfolio, as well as showcasing your agency and brand. Tell your story through using this app.


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If you are on a limited budget this app will work for you. Feature your properties in beautiful video presentations. Impress your sellers and buyers, by giving them an inexpressive virtual tour. By creating photo slideshows and videos, you will add a creative element to your portfolio and sale. This app is full of untapped potential for successful agents.

Apple Maps

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Many of you have heard of apple maps. While, in the past it has lead people astray, it has recently stepped up and become a great source of navigation. With maps, you can calculate your ETA, get traffic in real-time, and get alternate routes to your property. Many more features have been added on to guide you and save time. It is also very useful in showing what is on the street near your property’s location. Have a look around using Street View and find out what sort of neighbourhood your buying and selling in.


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If you need a file management system that’s accessible anywhere along with a way to send large files to clients, Dropbox is a necessity. Dropbox solves the sharing problem by using the cloud to allow people to share big files between mediums. You can also link many devices to your account so that you can access your files anywhere. Take advantage of Dropbox and all your clients files, requests, and information can be with you at a moments notice.

 Scanner Pro

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If you frequently need to scan and send signed documents, ditch the office printer and get on board with Scanner Pro. You’ll be glad you did. Scanner Pro does a fantastic job of accurately snapping your documents without blur. Scanner Pro will cut down your paperwork and can also link to many cloud apps and other file storage devices.


The Niche

Tap Mortgage Australia

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Since its release in 2010 Tap Mortgage has been the #1 mortgage, loan and stamp duty calculator for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. Tap Mortgage Australia is an all in one app to calculate loan repayments, showing summaries including savings, and calculates stamp duty, including transfer fees, first home concessions and registration of a mortgage. Perfect for anyone looking to get into the Australian property market, it calculates government costs across all states and territories. It’s easy and simple layout makes it easy to use and is suitable for home buyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and conveyances.

Sign Easy 

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SignEasy’s simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful electronic signature solution helps real estate agents to reduce paperwork, save costs and be more productive. No longer are papers and pens needed for signing contracts and deals. This amazing app allows real estate agents to gain signatures and close deals faster and more effectively. The application also works offline so you can continue your work with ease. All your files remain safe even if you lose your device or even if it’s stolen, restricting access to unauthorised personnel.. This app is available to Apple, Android and Kindle users.

Mobile Real Estate Agents CRM

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If you are a real estate agent, download this mobile Lead Management and CRM app now. This app allows you to effectively convert leads into prospects and successful sale transactions using the incredible CRM tools and customer support. With numerous features such as live chat, sales team tracker, SMS messaging through the app, marketing management to identify suitable leads, and customer relationship management function, this app is hard to miss. This app is only available to Android users at the moment.


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Real estate agents deal various metrics and numerical conversions from size, weight and length, to volume and even currency. vert turns your smartphone into conversion calculators, allowing you to answer your prospective buy or sellers answers and simplify your efforts. The app is easy to use and is a visually pleasing experience, and enables you to be highly efficient.

 Open Home Pro

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Open Home Pro, a business that allows realtors to run their open houses via your iPad or Android tablet and collect leads. You will be up and running in minutes and be able to capture, download and action lead information faster than ever before. It is easy to set-up and allows you to customise questions to ask open house visitors. With automatic email follow-ups to visitors and the ability to write comments and notes as potential buyers inspect, this app is excellent for all real estate agents. Get more leads, close more sales, increase your productivity with Open Home Pro.


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Having trouble organising your clients? Whether you’re a seller’s agent, buyer’s agent or both, iClient is a great app to consolidate all of your client information. With password protection, sharing and storage, map properties, filter option, recording keeping, schedule management, and email access, this app is an all in one tool for all agents, whether your list is small or big. Have all of your client information right at your fingertips in the office or out of the office. It’s great, for when you’re on the road all day going from house to house. This app is available to iOS users.

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