18 Amazing Tools to Boost your Small Business Blogging

Blogging is an excellent tool to enhance your small business recognition. It drives traffic to your website, increases your SEO and develops better customer relationships while providing some really interesting and on topic information to your customers. But we understand how time consuming it can be, creating, posting and just keeping up with your competitors content. So here are our 18 Blogging tools to make small business blogging a breeze and thrust you miles above the competition. 




Discover the questions people are asking with the crowdsourced answer website. This means you can fill that demand by answering popular questions with an in-depth blog post. By searching for your keyword and following topics related to your small business blogging you can keep up to date with relevant topics and keep your audience interested.



Search a topic or URL into Buzzsumo search box to get a platitude of information on the content that performs best. You can than share this awesome content to any of your social media platforms. Buzzsumo is excellent for creating content that will work, as you already know it does well.


Quick Sprout

With Quick Sprout you can use the URL analysis of a website to find out about performance of specific content. With the ‘Social Media’ tab you can see which posts have been successful and take your own inspiration from this.


Portent Title Maker

This tool is majorly for nailing those eye catching one liner headings. Portent Title Maker gives you title samples so you can create a witty title with ease. In addition it will let you know why the title might be successful and if your not happy you can refresh for new ideas as many times as you need.





With this tool you can schedule when blog posts might go live and than you can break down the blog post writing process into easy to manage steps. The best part is you can collaborate on shared tasks with a team to distribute the workload.



Google Trends

Run a topic through Google Trends to see the search volume for different keywords and phrases your thinking of using. This will ensure your wording boosts your contents recognition.


Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner will search for a series of key words and show you search volume and popularity, but it will also show you keywords that might spark further ideas for your small business blogging. For more information on how to use Google Keyword Planner click here.


Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Yoast plugin will help you fine-tune your blog post into specific keyword or phrase so you can optimize your search results. You can type in keywords and Yoast will tell you how many different places it appears on the page, giving you the green dot when your set to go.



Google Docs

This tool is excellent for collaborating with others and utilizing the helpful assistance Google Doc’s spelling and grammar tools. Writing in Google docs allows you to work with others in an online forum that with make group blogging easy or allow you to get your work overviewed by others before posting.



This free marketing tool analyses your text for readability and highlights those sentences that slip through your syntax radar and become too complex or dense. This way you can be sure your content is crystal clear for the everyday reader.


WordPress Distraction Free Writing

Built into the WordPress editor this tool will leave you with only the view of your blog post removing any possible distractions on your desktop. To access this click on the four- way arrow icon in the top right corner of any word press post you write. 



Meme Generator

Add some humor to your blog by creating a meme from scratch, or use an existing meme character and add your own saying.

 meme generator


Create images easy and fast with premade templates, custom image sizes, drag and drop interface, fonts and more.



Similar to Photoshop, yet free, Gimp has major features like layers, masks, photo effects along with other tools amateur designers can utilize to spice up their posts.


Share as Image

Turn text from any webpage into a sharable image with this browser extension and bookmarklet. With The Pro Plan ($8 per month) you can also add custom branding to the image and alter backgrounds and fonts.




schedule your written content for all your social channels. Or schedule it multiple times with different headlines or images on each update.


Digg Digg

This Plugin will place share buttons on your article, on top of the blog post, or manually wherever you want it inside your theme.



Send emails to your list of contacts for free. With Mailchump you can set up automated campaigns that deliver your posts for you or you can design your own campaign from scratch.



So go grab these tools to entertain and educate your audience while you utilise all the time they free up for you. For any questions about your small business blogging JUST SAY HEY or for heaps more tips on Social Media Marketing follow our Blog


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