14 Social Media Marketing tools used by the pro’s

Social Media marketing tools can make your marketing so much better, easier and faster, leaving you time to do other things in your business. But how can you know which to use for your business ? These 14 tools will give you a broad range of tricks and tips to improve your engagement, create and manage content and provide you with the analytic tools to push your digital marketing above the rest.


Like Alyzer 

LikeAlyzer allows you to gain insight into your social media strengths and weaknesses to better gauge what you should be doing with your Facebook page. Every report begins with a list of recommendations before providing a simple overview of relevant information and statistics. Your report will review page information, page performance as well as post statistics while suggesting ways to improve fan engagement. You can also use page comparison ranks to track where you sit compared to other pages. http://likealyzer.com

Wolfram Alpha

This tool will provide you with an analysis of your own life and social networks through the eye of Facebook. Wolfram Alpha will give you a broad yet detailed outlay of data that ranges from how your profile updates are received and when you use Facebook, to a relationship status pie chart of everyone your connected with. This is an ideal tool if you are using a personal Facebook for your business marketing providing you with the social information you need to optimize engagement with your audience. http://www.wolframalpha.com

Rival IQ

This competitor analysis tool tracks a list of brands you choose, monitoring their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and SEO. With full access to competitor tracking and the dashboards for each of the different networks and search factors, Rival IQ provides valuable insight into your competition and industry. Learn from day-to-day audience activity and engagement charts to see when content is most likely to go viral. This is a very useful tool for both tracking your competition and content creation. https://www.rivaliq.com




Post planner

Post planner will enhance your engagement, reach, clicks, traffic and sales by improving the quality and quantity of your content. Postplanner tool allows you to search for the most viral and trending content on Facebook, which you can schedule to re-share to the timeline of all your pages. Use the Facebook status idea engine to find engaging posts from status ideal, viral photos and trending content tabs. http://www.postplanner.com/

Buzz Sumo

Get insights into the most popular content on a topic or a website with this search tool that tracks content ranks according to shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Buzz Sumo allows you to filter by type or date and sort by total shares on specific networks so you can discover how to perfect headlines on certain networks. http://buzzsumo.com


By simply entering you email address News.me delivers to your inbox the top five stories shared by your networks on Twitter and Facebook. This Daily briefing makes keeping up to date easy by arriving every morning into your email, ready to be added to your social media workflows. http://www.news.me


This tool keeps an online library of saved updates that can be organized by category or social accounts. Edgar stops social media updates from going to waste by reposting content from your digital archives. This social media scheduling tool uses social network algorithms to determine the best time of day your posts will engage with your audience. Edgar Connects to various social media accounts and allows you to choose the right content to be shared at the right time. http://meetedgar.com/


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool for small business wanting to utilize time spent online. This tool will Queue and schedule your links, photos and status whilst also providing daily suggestions. Use the analytics tab to determine which are least and most popular posts to more effectively post in the future.  https://bufferapp.com/





This Facebook contest/sweepstakes creator allows you to gain company/product engagement and awareness. ZoSocial manages your Facebook competitions allowing you to build leads list while increasing your social engagement/following. This tool takes the hard work out of promotional competitions by completing tasks like providing promotional rules and automatically picking winners and notifying them. ZoSocial also shows statistics of your competitions so you can replicate successful campaigns in the future. http://zosocial.com/


Get creative and grow engagement with Pagemotos designer tool, which allows you to create stunning coverphotos and posts. Create your own or use templates to design images that will individualize your Facebook page. Most notably this tool allows the user to create contests/sweepstake which are managed in a convenient dashboard. Some additional features include the capability to suggest posts, schedule, much more. https://www.pagemodo.com/


Create contests/Sweepstakes, Facebook tabs and find related posts. Woobox is powerful tool that allows users to manage their Facebook through a convenient dashboard set-up. Fantastic for running competitions and sweepstakes, Woobox is a one-stop-shop for social media management.  https://woobox.com/




Facebook Custom Audiences

By telling Facebook whom to target this tool can cater your content/advertisement to a specific relevant audience. This tool creates custom campaigns that target a specific list of leads or customers that are already familiar with your brand. This allows you to run re-marketing campaigns as well as ads to more qualified leads. This feature can be added by clicking on the Audiences link inside Facebook’s Ads manager or Power Editor. (Recommended 1000 people per custom audience) Facebook Custom Audiences


Bitly shortens those lengthy and unappealing URLs for use on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and eBooks. By creating a neat link with a well-known brand you will establishes trust and increase how actively your audiences engages in your data. https://bitly.com

Facebook Image Grid Tool

According to the Facebook advertising guidelines, Images in ads can only include 20% text. Ads with more than 20% of text in their image will not be approved for use and thus the campaign will not run. The simple Facebook Grid tool ensures your ad complies with Facebook’s rules and does not look like low quality spam. To use this tool simply upload an image and select the boxes containing text (5 boxes is equal to 20%). https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

So go ahead, explore these amazing Social media Marketing tools! Grow engagement, boost your brand recognition and save time doing so.

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